Nationwide Pro-Am Fantasy League

Go head to head with amateurs across the country, each player picking 3 pros from that weeks PGA event to form a 4 player fantasy team that includes your own score. Each player will compete week to week to achieve victory alongside their picks, earning rewards and rank along the way.

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Custom Club Leagues

Bring TDJ right to your home course, with our Custom Club Leagues where we design a tournament specific to your club. Turn your regular weekend rounds into a Clash of Titans as every member of your club will forge their team of Pros to achieve victory and bragging rights.

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Create Your own Private League

Take control of your own private league, setting the rules and rosters for your own tournament. Whether you want to have a Pro-AM setting or simply set up a private tournament for you and your friends, TDJ will bring that power to you with Private League Creation... Coming Soon.

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Welcome to TDJ Golf

We aim to enhance the golfing experience by introducing a new type of fantasy league where you are a player on your own team. TDJ Golf lets you play with everyone else in the country at your skill level while simultaneously drafting three pros from that week’s Professional Golf event to help you in your quest for victory.

All you need is your name and GHIN number to get started. Pick 3 Pros, play your normal round during the ongoing tournament and enter your score. Once the professional tournament ends, we’ll tally the scores of the users and their Pro Picks and post the results. Play in every single Professional Golf Event throughout the year, win some fresh new gear and improve your nationwide rank!

TDJ Golf

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What you can win

Throughout the course of tournament play, the top players will be rewarded each week with with Reward Points. You will be able to put any or all of your Reward Points towards any of our offered rewards or even buy mulligans for the future.

TDJ Swag

Take your pic of our wide selection of shirts, bags, balls, markers, hats and more. All custom made in any size, shipped right to you.

Mizuno MP-25's

The MP-25 is forged from a boron-infused carbon steel that the company uses in its JPX 900 Forged game-improvement iron. Stronger than traditional steel, the boron allows for a thinner clubface and a slot behind the face that provides additional ball speed. That means these play like an old set of blades—just on steroids. 6,300 RP

Cameron Futura Series

The lightweight aluminum forms the face and sole, allowing more weight to be distributed around the stainless-steel head. Most noteworthy is the Adam Scott-inspired 6M model, with weights in the extreme areas of the heel and toe to achieve the forgiveness you want in a mallet. A multimaterial layer behind the face helps reduce internal vibration. 1,995 RP

Taylormade M1

There’s now a lighter titanium alloy in the body, and half the sole and most of the crown is weight-saving carbon composite. All this means TaylorMade can position more mass low and deep so mis-hits lose less speed, and all shots launch with less spin. The center track now extends almost a half-inch longer and with a heavier weight. 2,625 RP

Taylormade M1 Hybrid

The 12-way adjustable hosel and movable weight in the sole are slick and effective. (Its 27-gram heft can go a long way to taming slices or hooks.) But this is more than the most adjustable hybrid on the market. By shifting the sliding weight track toward the back of the sole, there's still room for a slot cut through the sole toward the front to expand the way the face flexes on off-center hits. 1,313 RP

Titleist Vokey Design SM6

Titleist’s wedge guru Bob Vokey offers the idea that they are an entirely unique set of individual tools. Hence, the 21 models across five sole grinds. That’s also why the weighting and grooves change through the lofts. The low weighting on the lower lofts matches the transition from the irons better, and the loft-specific grooves optimize spin for the type of shot played. 788 RP

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What they Say?

Being a higher handicap golfer it's nice to be able to compete with others like me.

Alan B


What they Say?

It's great, I love using it with my golf league at the club or even when I sneak a round in after work.

Jim C


What they Say?

It's great! A really fun way to compete against your buddies, regardless of where they live.

Tom V.H.


What they Say?

It's a game changer.

Barry V

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