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 We aim to enhance the golfing experience by introducing a new type of fantasy league where you are a player on your own team.  Where you play with everyone else in the country at your skill level while simultaneously drafting pros from that week’s Professional Golf Event to help you in your quest for victory. 

It all started with a Father and Son, both lifetime golfers, with a vision of confluence; A vision of an app that would fuse together the experiences of both Pros and Amateurs, connecting the world of Golf in a way never seen before.  With this initial concept, we started thinking day and night of how to seamlessly merge these two ideas without taking away from either of them. The idea got bigger and bigger as we addressed Golfer registration through the already established and trusted GHIN system in place as well as putting the power of country-wide, club-wide or strictly private tournament design into the hands of every user. These ideas would manifest in the creation of TDJ Golf.

 The process is simple; once the user registers with their GHIN number they can immediately get started by selecting our National Pro-Am Fantasy League and picking their Pros for the week.  The user will pick three Pros from the ongoing Professional Golf Event, one from each ranked tier, and then the user will play as many rounds as they want before the tournament ends. We retrieve the best score within the time-frame and tally up the points earned by each of the Pro picks, rewarding the best teams with gold coins that can be exchanged for fresh gear. We have also devised a nation-wide ranking system that will take Gross, Net and Total Fantasy scores, allowing every user to track their stats and compete to be the best.

TDJ Golf doesn’t stop with the user though, we have provided a tournament designer specifically tailored to the Clubs, both Private and Public. Through TDJ Golf, Club Pros will be able to set-up Virtual Pro-Am tournaments for their members, giving each member a randomly selected pro in that day of the tournament.  This will provide a low-cost alternative to increase the value of their memberships and the overall level of satisfaction of their members; a problem faced by almost all courses today. 

 All in all, TDJ Golf’s main goal is to enrich the game of golf for every single person that has or will ever pick up a golf club.  It is a humble compliment to an already incredible game played by millions.  Our hope is that our app can provide continued enjoyment for all Golfers and maybe attract some new faces to start chipping away.

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