TDJ Golf and Your Club

TDJ Golf is a new golf experience that combines play at your club with the PGA Tour.
Golfers scores are paired with their fantasy picks from the PGA Tour event!

Do You Want to Engage your Golfers and Add More Revenue to your Club?
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How TDJ Generates Revenue for you

Drive More Rounds at Your Club

Host as many tournaments as you want. New Ability to market for your facility.

Increased Club Dwell Time

With more tournaments connected to the PGA Tour, Golfers will be grabbing an extra burger and beer.

New Tournaments and Entry Fees

TDJ Golf gives you the power to control the entry fees for all new tournaments

Increased Staff Efficiency

The platform provides seamless integration into your club and will not add additional stress to your team.

Additional Pro Shop Sales

Drive additional revenue to the Pro Shop from the tournament prizes that you control.

Higher Member Engagement

Provide new ways for avid golfers to compete and connect to the PGA Tour.

We believe that:

More Golf Rounds + Engaged Tour Followers = Stronger Golf Industry

Golf is one of the few sports in which fans actually play the sport at all age levels, and TDJ Golf blends fantasy with reality to engage more golfers. The combination of fantasy golf with real golf rounds to create teams, puts amateur golfers into a new experience of enjoying the sport of golf; with their own game and the tour as well.

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