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What is TDJ Golf?

TDJ Golf brings reality and fantasy together through new virtual Pro-Am tournaments and leagues. Real-life golf scores are paired with fantasy Pro picks, forming teams each week.

Local Golf Pros may set up private leagues at their golf courses. They will receive a "League Code" that all eligible players will be able to use.

Once this code is enter by their golfers, they will be eligible for the league. Each week, golfers will be able to create their teams.

Add more revenue and profits from new events, existing leagues, tournaments and competitions.

Increase facility "dwell time" of golfers with stronger golf post round engagement levels.

Increase Golf Pro Shop, and Food and Beverage sales by integrating on-site rewards and prizes.

Compete with other golf facilities nationwide to create larger scale excitement for all.

We believe that:

More Golf Rounds + Engaged Tour Followers = Stronger Golf Industry

Golf is one of the few sports in which fans actually play the sport at all age levels, and TDJ Golf blends fantasy with reality to engage more golfers. The combination of fantasy golf with real golf rounds to create teams, puts amateur golfers into a new experience of enjoying the sport of golf; with their own game and the tour as well.

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